Avoid A Sore Ass When Cycling On Your Road Bike

– [Man 1] The humble backside,
call her what you will: bottom, ass,

rear, or rump. It’s one of the three
contact points you have with your

bike and, arguably, the most important.
A sore bottom is a sad bottom.

Bummer. So, here’s GCN’s top
ten tips to not getting a sore ass.

Let’s be honest, sitting or lying down,
grazing on some of your favorite snacks,

browsing GCN’s vast back catalog
videos is sometimes the preferred option,

especially after a long arduous day in the
saddle with some terrible weather thrown

in too. Give your ass some downtime. It’ll
love you more and look after you when you

need it most.

If you think about it, cycling
shorts are called that because,

well, they’re short, and they’re made for
cycling. Undies have no shammy protection

between your saddle and your rear
and are not fashioned out of material,

be it cotton or silk, that is supposed to
be cycled in. If worn between you and your

shorts, they’ll ruck up and chafe and
leave you smarting and sore for days.

So brave the elements and go naked under
your shorts.

Cycling shorts are tight for a reason,
and that reason is so that you don’t get

friction burns on your most delicate
areas. So make sure you get the right

shorts with the maximum benefit. Too
tight, and they’re going to dig into some

of the areas you don’t want them
digging into and too loose, and they’ll be

sliding around on your undercarriage like
a duck on a frozen pond and a rather

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itchy frozen pond due to
chafing on an epic scale.

– [Dan] If you don’t want your patootie
to start looking like the face of the

moon, then clean your shorts. If you’re
someone susceptible to picking up saddle

sores, and exposing your skin
to weeks worth of sweat, grime,

and goodness knows what else, isn’t going
to help. It’s going to lead to a bumpy and

uncomfortable ride and by
bumpy, we mean scabby.

– Lemon fresh!

– Use chamoise cream, so cool, because
in years gone by, it was used to protect

one’s undercarriage from rather harsh
chamois leather that was used as shorts

inserts back in the day. Now, chamois
cream is still used today as a sort of

adult nappy cream really, a soothing aid
against friction. Just make sure you don’t

use warm up balm
or imbrication instead.

One of the best ways to avoid having a
sore derriere is to avoid getting a wet

derriere. This is where mud guards can
help. Keeping mud and road water off

yourself and your bike also helps
avoid that, “I’ve had to carry a nasty

accident look,” that happens so often to
those who choose a paler of cycling kits.

– There are loads of different shapes and
sizes of saddles on the market these days,

which is great, because there isn’t one
particular shape which will suit every

kind of rider. So, if you are having
trouble with comfort whilst you’re out

riding, try a few different saddles and
see if you can find one that’s right for

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you. Bare in mind though, when you
are in the market for a new saddle,

just because it looks comfortable,
doesn’t necessarily mean that it is.

Conversely, some of those wafer-thin
saddles that look like they’re going to be

about as comfortable as sitting on a pin
might actually suit you very well indeed.

Probably not the first thing that you’re
going to think about when you thinking

about comfort, but putting more power
through the pedals, when we do it,

there’s more weight taken by
your legs, less by your butt.

– From the beginning, for all those of you
with little or no patience when it comes

to backside luxury, there are a couple of
left field options, which I’m about to

demonstrate now. Now, choice
one is you get a cushion,

reasonably sized, and strap it, using
whatever method you have to hand,

to your mate’s posterior or indeed
your own. That should, work a treat.

– Well I have to say, Matt, I’ve already
gotten a huge sense of relief in the

saddle sore region, what
is option number two?

– Well option two is slightly different.
You basically get a similar sized cushion,

if you have one to hand, and what you do
is basically stuff it down your shorts.

I like that, so comfortable.
I don’t know why

people haven’t thought
of this before, Dan. Although…

– Ready?

– Yep here we go!

When it comes down to it, there really
is no way to make your ride completely

comfortable. It’s just
a matter of practice.

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– Yeah, but hours spent on the saddle
every day, for years on end, eventually

your caboose will get just used to the
torture that you put it through on a daily

basis, and you’ll think back and
wonder what all the fuss was about.

If you need some guidance on
how to set up your saddle heights,

click on our
video up there.

– And if you’re wanting to learn how
to set up your physique saddle,

click down there.

– And if you haven’t already subscribed to
GCN, it’s absolutely free, and all you’ve

got to do is click on us. All right, that
half an hour has done me in then.

– Oh, I think
I might need…

– Can I get that
cushion back on?

– …a massage. Can you
put the bike away Dan?

– Can you give me
that strap on again?

– Yeah.


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