Fitness Training

welcome to a GCN indoor training session

today we’ve got 30 minute hit fat

burning workout now it’s gonna be hard

one we got 30 seconds max effort we’re

gonna do eight of them but don’t worry

cuz we got plenty of recovery in there

we’re gonna start off with three minutes

recovery and right down to one minute

thirty seconds before our last effort

now today I’m not on my own I’m joined

with a great crew over there we got some

special guests also it’s a familiar

faces on the right there we got Hannah

in front row got Simon who’s going to

put in a solid workout in and Lucy to

the far left right on the back there

we’re going to start off with speed EOP

Chris opido is looking very fit Milan

from the Spanish Channel in the middle

and Emily on the far right we’re all

going to be putting in some serious

effort in now now if you’re looking at

the screen you’re going to see a few

numbers on the right there we’ve got us

to perceive effort level so it’s sitting

on five with a minute because we got

around about four minutes left of our


so it’s gonna be nice and easy start

with one pump build up go through the

gears maybe raise the heart rate and at

the top there we’ve got counting down

clock from 30 minutes so it’s 30 minute

workout but you can fit it in anywhere

in the day so I don’t want to

you can’t skimp out on this one now are

we ready people yes we’ve got three

minutes and 30 seconds left well warm up

and then we’re going straight in to

those max 30 seconds and a good thing to

think about when you’re doing this it’s

two maybe five seconds before the effort

choose your gear you want to do it in go

nice and hard and fight as hard as you

can and then just try and hold him all

the way to the last second and then you

can back off and enjoy that bit

it’s recovery and you can spin that out

effort level around one two maybe four

just spin the legs out getting that

lactate flushed through now make sure

you’ve got some water on board you’ve

got plenty of liquids because indoor

sections you do tend to sweat it off you

might see Simon there a few beads of

sweat falling from his brow it’s always

a good time it shows you’re working nice

and hard now I’m starting to get a

little out of breath that’s because my

heart rate is going up to around 140 I

want to build that out we really want to

be nice and warmed up before we hit that

first 30 second effort nice heavy


getting all that oxygen in limbering up

right this is a great session to do not

only to burn those calories also to get

you nice and fit no matter what time of

year you’re doing it it will just give

you that extra boost maybe you do it in

the morning

you know kickstart your metabolism and

keep you burning those calories and to

be honest I could do with a few carries

we burn bright coming up to one minute

thirty seconds left of our warm-up to

start raising that cadence a little bit

make sure Chris doing the proper job

Lucy’s leading out Chris over there like

I’ve already feel sweat dripping down my

brow right take a nice swig water or

electrolyte baby get ready for your

first effort right Quinn there’s one

minute to go cuddle buddies dig in old a

shout at that TV all that computer

screen give it your all right I’ve got

40 seconds now should be sufficiently

warmed up right then we’re gonna start

thinking about water here to select now

you’re not going to see me change my

gear cos that’s all internal I’m using a

Wahoo you think a pike wha-hoo plate I

say indoor biking right coming down to

15 seconds to go 10 seconds down so

select that gear 5 seconds 4 3 2 1

now dig in Steve effort level of 10

really start digging now cry

I keep nice and smooth on that bike

focus on engaging that core jump ten

seconds now digging car bomb question

four three two one

now back off now deep breaths how’s

everyone pick up that his first ones

always a tough one all right we’ve got

three minutes recovery here now enjoy it

but don’t stop peddling if you can so

keep ticking away on the pedals looking

  Super Bike Vs. Mid-Range Bike

for maybe a 70 rpm if you’ve got a

cadence counter there alright get a nice

deep breath in one down and we got seven

to go mine is absolutely loving it back

there this is really gonna kickstart her

day but it’s not going to take that

smile off let me tell you she’s a


Hannah there’s got good grin on right

we’re gonna see some stuff s face supper

faces as we go through this right keep

enjoying this nice bit of recovery now

your heart should be high now you should

be starting to get a little sweat or

maybe remember to take a drink of water

really really important to keep really

hydrated in this hydration is absolutely

key to performance

right we’re coming up to one minute left

of our recovery spin those legs off now

I want to see all of you guys out there

really dig in now there’s 30 seconds 30

seconds isn’t a lot but trust me it

packs a punch

right under a minute right

your serious face is now serious face is

concentrating on that gear selection


once you selected that gear commit to it

and if you need a bit more and maybe go

up a gear

and make sure you get all our now no one

stock until I say so


all right Forsyte Carlie I’m ready no no


now I’ve got 20 seconds ago so start

thinking about our gear

10 seconds coming up – all right select

that gear you want to choose 5 4 3 2 1

now up go on sing in every single one of

it all out they settle back into the

saddle under 20 seconds anyone could do


come even you guys ten seconds out

really nice and fast wheeze it all out

four three two one hand recover take

down through those gears spin those legs


right I think I’m sweating more than

everyone and not easy but trust me

you’ll really reap those benefits now

we’ve got a little less recovery two

minutes 30 seconds now so we’re coming

down to two minutes to go I’ll just kind

of sweep the hair back didn’t get a

sweatband maybe next time


right hi Paula jeez my sweat I’m going

to put a paddling pool on here soon

right one minute in 30 seconds the left

of the effort come on everyone I want to

see you really push it out now really

push out that’s two efforts done and we

got six more to go coming down to one

minute to go until our next effort I

said sighs take a swig of water they’re

keeping water hydrated

all right how about 50 seconds to go for

that recovery you might be wanting to

look for cadence if you are 70 rpm is a

good one for a recovery speed it can’t

just massages those legs they should be

starting to feel better it’s always

quite difficult that first effort you’ll

soon your heart rate will be up the

blood would be circulating around your

body and you’ll start feel better as you

go through maybe a little tired but

that’s a good thing

all right 20 seconds


all right big deep breaths now all right

you ready choose that gear five four

three two one and up go up fight for

that effort


really dig in now not long that come up

halfway everyone I’m digging the last

little bit ten seconds

big wattage get that heart rate up five

four three two one and back off well

done really were down there there really

aren’t easy for all good things come

with that little bit of pain all right

got another two and a half minutes



spin the legs off good times taking a



they’re all very acquired back there and

concentrating on the effort really

making the most of it

how you fit inside kids yeah really good

those first couple kind of get get the

pipes opening today yeah a sweat on stop

breathing deeply please good we all love

a hard section no way there’s nothing

like starting a good art session and

really reaping the rewards when you’re

sitting down for the rest day if you do

work at an office or a desk crisping

very quiet around the back left I can

tell me you’re sweating nearly as much

as I am but not quiet but not quite

right and I want to sit a little more

effort from you this time

really hard my name there that Smile is

doing there turn into a grimace now as

I’ve been talking the time is flown by I

can’t stop talking anyone will tell you

  Top 10 New Cyclist Mistakes

that coming down so 40 seconds to go

right think about the next effort think

about that pain embrace it

30 seconds to go maybe drop down to the

drops if you’ve got them settle into a

firm position strengthening that core

engaging the glutes Ryan come on people

10 seconds to go right choose that gear

now 4 seconds 3 seconds 2 seconds and go

up come on dig it come on only 30

seconds you give it everything 20 to go

dig in now let’s see those pain faces

even you guys are home ten seconds

so it’s all loaded up really push it out

four three two one and relax oh that one

really stung the legs

call out green silk upon my own space oh

right ready got two minutes recovery

hate for you Lucy just halfway done

you’re right yeah not long left now

right get swingin keep making sure

you’re keeping those legs turning so

it’s up see you Deb one and that just

means you just want to be turning the

legs very nice and easy and lastly one

do a stop because what that will do is

stiffen the legs and you’ll find it more

difficult when it comes to the effort so

even if it went deep and we want to do

is stop it makes me to force your legs

just to take over and looking for at 70

rpm that sweet spot kind of crystal

pranking we should turn we use a lot

which is just not putting too much

pressure on the cranks

but enough just to keep them turning


right those paint base is starting to

appear for all those faces over there

and that you guys at home right we’re

getting like 20 seconds left that’s

recovery make the most of it maybe

limber up shake it all off maybe it

outside wall a little bit choose that

gear now I’m watching your side change

here’s now

three two one Anna come on back up

dig in Chris call Lucy Hanna Emily and

you guys home digging 20 seconds now not

paying faces on side that can see it and

I can feel it really dig in ten seconds

to go looking for an RPM around 100 so

keep on turning turn one and stop

oh really fell that one as you can tell

it’s not an easy session I’m sure you’ve

seen that at home


but I’ll be glad I’ve done it and I hope

you guys will too I take a drink


right one minute 30 seconds left our


now I’ve got six minutes cool down at

the end so that’s something to look

forward to not many experts left but

don’t think about that just watch the

clock focus on the next effort

spin the legs off good time to taking

the drink it all very quiet back there

they’re concentrating on the effort


all right big deep breaths now



you ready choose that gear five four

three two one and up go up fight for

that effort really dig in now

normal Matt come up halfway

every why I’m digging in the last little

bit ten seconds

big voltage get that heart rate up five

four three two one and back off well

done really were down there there really

aren’t easy right now we’ve got one

minute thirty recovery time before our

next thirty second ever now make sure

you enjoying this recovery before the

next 30 seconds

right under a minute now left of that

recovery I got three more left

right get that lactate I’m blushing

get that blood pumping before that next

really solid 30 second stint right I

want to see some real suffer faces going

on out there those with us us in here

I’m bushi

you guys don’t have me to shout at you I

mean you do but you don’t

in a way dry

10 seconds to go choose that yeah start

going down the gears 5 seconds

hui ready and dig in cool ha get

everything firing from the glutes to the

car right come on you’re home

really feel it dig in always the last

second ten seconds to go come on keep

the power hold it hold it

two seconds to go and release joy deep

breaths now I’ve got one minute thirty

seconds left

recovery 115 now and then we’ve got

short recovery before our last effort

take a swig now not long left the effort

not long left of the session so really

make sure these ones count

  Lose Weight Through Cycling

trust me you’ll enjoy it once you

finished it get everything out there

everything into the bike keeping that

really solid position on the bike so

nice and engaged core maybe switching up

where you rest your hands go as

comfortable but also where powerful it’s

like a sprint effort right just 15

seconds left this recovery goes

incredibly quickly ten seconds left

select that gear counting down now three

two one ah digging up every out the bike

come on come on now 20 seconds left

really dig in come on side dig in well

done old come on you can do it last ten

seconds do it every five four three two

I realize for right how do you guys feel


now the efforts definitely creeping up

on you guys knowing it but don’t worry

because I did

right now it’s in to our cooldown


right now it’s time to take a drink so

try not to get off the bike too quickly

because the last thing you want to do is

stiffen up throughout the day so it’s a

really good opportunity to maybe sit

back from the bike spin those legs so I

know a little play around he’s trying

out the new wheelie just for climbing

he’s it is recliner right get those deep

breaths in let your heart rate drop down

from that hard really intense 30 seconds

at it but you have done incredibly well

every single one of you even you guys at

home all have say to clean it in my legs

but it feels good it’s always nice to

finish a nice hard session I like my

legs doing a little bit of stretching

you can do the same at home baby stretch

off the back stretch your arms a little

bit you should feel sufficiently warmed

up you should feel like you’ve done a

really solid effort just crystal crank

now so

received effort of one really just

turning the pedals it’s really good to

try and get that wall my thing I know is

it’s always difficult with time

restraints but it’s really worth it

keeps you nice and limber throughout the

day letting your body return back to

normal or at least close to it

now I want to say a massive thank you to

our special guests and our very own GN

presenters who have been on this journey

with me on this 30 minute hit fat

burning workout


max I need that over Hafsa a bit of all

day as you can probably tell

so nice thinking about already it could

chose to come up with Oh their smiles as

a returnee it’s always a good time all

right you got three minutes left so you

can slow your cadence now taking on

board lot of water


now if you like me and you lost a lot of

water from your sweat and make sure you

these have at least one or two of these

and it’s good idea to maybe when you

jump off the bike to head our head out

and grab a big glass of water okay is

really important all right two and a

half minutes left for this thirty


nice hit hard workout just turn those

legs relaxing the muscles through your

back through your arms and of course

your legs now you should if you’re

waiting heart rate monitor you should

see your heart rate coming back down

from that high effort


under 2-minutes now


bogel that nice tingly sensation through

the legs basically telling me I’ve

worked hard it’s a good sign

how do you all find that enjoy it

how’s cute James thanks yes I love

putting these guys through pain love it

you do very often

yes on the bike okay now that reason I

sit so far away forever where else in a

little sound room

right one minute left

I’m sure you’ve enjoyed hearing my my

voice but you’ve only got one minute

left of it so


slow decades now deep breaths hope

everyone has good day off for this

session or maybe you’re doing it evening

you can now rest now if you enjoyed this

session then make sure you give it a

massive or big thumbs up if you can make

sure you click that icon button that

little bell icon and that way you’ll be

updated every time we put out a new

video if you haven’t already then make

sure you subscribe to GCN and hopefully

we’ll see back soon


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