How To Remove And Replace Your Rear Wheel

removing and replacing the rear wheel on your road bike can seem quite tricky but fortunately it is a simple skill to master when you know how to do it so there’s no reason why you can’t do it or in fact why you need to spend an embarassing few minutes in a car park in front of an ever-increasing audience trying desperately to get it back in there’s a technique to it so here’s how to do it firstly you need to change into your hardest gear so the smallest cog at the back and that means that the rear wheel will come out much easier as the chain won’t get caught on it when it’s coming out then you may well have to open the brakes out slightly to allow more room for the tyre to pass between the brake pads so to do

that you’re likely to have a little lever on the side of the caliper just down here now you are they give it a twist or you lift it depending on which manufacturers brakes you’ve got and you’ll see that there’s just a little bit more clearance between the pads and the wheel so then with your chain in the smallest cog at the back and your brakes open open the quick-release there’s either unwind it’s off your back wheel there’ll be enough room now for the wheel to just drop out next hold on to the top tube here and then with your other hand reach down and just pull the rear derailleur backwards ever so slightly and then lift up with your hands and you’ll see the back wheel just drops straight out and with your other hand grab holding the back wheel and just unhook the chain there you go back wheels off to replace it simply reverse the procedure put your back wheel on the floor and then using your hand that’s on the frame just guide the lower loop of chain underneath the sprockets and then just rest the derailleur on a smaller sprocket and then push the derailleur back again with that other hand and the back wheel will just drop in now if it doesn’t go in straight away you might just need to give it a little nudge so just take all of the quick-release maybe just tweak it sideways slightly that’s all

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it will need now just make sure that the back wheel is in squarely you can tell by looking between the brake calipers to make sure there’s the same amount of room on either side but also crucially there little bit of frame down here so you can see very easily whether it seems straight when it is then you close the quick-release lever now it should be at the right tension because you haven’t moved it remember but to double check you shouldn’t ever have to really force the quick-release shut it should be firm but not too tight if it is too tight and potentially there’s the risk that the quick-release will actually break but it is unlikely finally then it just close your rear brakes up and give the back wheel to spin just to make sure that it is definitely not rubbing and there you go a very very simple process when you know how now if you want to see exactly what to do with your back wheel off such as maybe fixing a puncture then you can get through to a video just by clicking up there but for another common complaint if your gears are jumping around and they’re just not quite working properly then we’ve got a video about how to index them you can get through to that by clicking down there otherwise just click on the subscribe to GCN to make sure you don’t miss any other mechanical videos [Applause]

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