Lose Weight Through Cycling

cycling can be great for weight loss you

may want to lose a bit of weight so that

you can improve your performance on the

hills or maybe just for health reasons

whatever your motive it doesn’t matter

but weight loss can remain a challenge

and it can become disheartening when

despite your best efforts the scale

seemingly don’t budge even when you’re

training hard the first thing to realize

is you can’t out train a bad diet no

matter how much exercise you do it

doesn’t give you a license and free rein

to eat absolutely anything even if

you’re doing 12 hours riding a week it

takes depressingly few cookies

chocolates pastries paninis and beers to

offset all that good work there are lots

of weird and wonderful diets out there

but essentially there are no shortcuts

or easy tickets plus we’re all different

so no one diet is gonna work for

everyone on the basis that you’re

healthy and don’t have an underlying

health condition losing weight becomes a

simple case of maths

your total energy expenditure needs to

be greater than the energy you consume

or the total number of calories that you

burn needs to be more than the calories

that you eat now to illustrate how easy

it is to eat more than you burn here is

a classic example this is Ollie now all

he’s going on his favorite Sunday ride

he’s begun the day with a bowl of

porridge because Ollie

love’s porridge 400 calories for the

sake of argument he’s also had a couple

of slices of toast 250 calories a coffee

and a glass of fruit juice 150 calories

and it’s going to be a big ride so it’s

important that he also fuels on the bike

for the ride Ollie has some energy drink

in his bottles 380 calories a couple of

bars 400 calories and a couple of gels

200 calories then there’s also the best

part of the ride the cafe stop with so

many tasty homemade treats on offer you

would be rude not to I mean well it’s a

big ride isn’t it so all he has a big

filled pastry 450 calories and a flat

white because he’s trying trying to be

cool ride over and Ollie is burnt 2,000

calories and he’s consumed one thousand

five hundred and thirty calories it’s

important to recover post ride so he has

a recovery smoothie 300 calories it’s

plenty of carbs and protein in there

then he has a mid-afternoon snack he’s

trying to be healthy so he has some

mixed nuts and fruit 300 calories it’s a

Sunday too

so well normally he would have a roast

dinner and some Yorkshire puddings herbs

but he’s in Italy so he’s having some

spaghetti bolognaise a big portion 850

calories chuck in a glass of red wine or

two or even a pint and that’s another

hundred and twenty calories and of

course he’s having pudding 400 calories

combining the ride the big breakfast the

post ride shake the dinner and the

snacks this comes to roughly four

thousand three hundred calories once you

factor it in Ali’s basic caloric demands

for the day he which is around 2300

added to the calories burnt on the ride

which is about two thousand it’s easy to

see that he’s consumed pretty much what

he’s burnt factor in a couple more

drinks a couple more chocolate biscuits

and it’s easy to go over now if this

sounds familiar to you then maybe

reconsider your fueling strategy to lose

half a kilogram or just over a pound of

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weight a week you will need a caloric

deficit of three thousand eight hundred

and fifty calories per week meaning

about 550 calories a day par for

kilogram a week is good sustainable

weight loss so how could Ollie achieve

his target well

perhaps he could cut out that filled

pastry or the pudding maybe the odd gel

or one of the energy drinks have a black

coffee instead of his trendy flat white

perhaps a slightly smaller dinner and

then it’s easy to achieve about 550

calorie deficit while still fueling for

the ride the key is to pick your battles

so what if you’ve been tracking your

food intake and you think you’ve been

hitting that calorie deficit but when

you step on the scales they don’t seem

to budge well there could be a number of

things happening but the most likely

culprit is the accuracy of your calorie

burn calculation

time for a little bit of light science

so to be able to work out if you’re in a

calorie deficit you need to know your

calorie expenditure and your calorific

demands for the day and the first thing

to consider is what’s called your basal

metabolic rate this is the number of

calories that you use to just perform

basic functions and stay alive so

breathing sleeping digesting food

generally just running around you you

just showed that that clip and be

running around again anyway

this varies from person to person the

most scientific way to do this is to go

to a lab and have your basal metabolic

rate measured although realistically

most of us aren’t going to be able to do

this however there are various tools

online that you can use to estimate and

calculate it in my experience these are

pretty accurate the next step is to

measure the calories you burn while

riding and there are three popular ways

to do this fitness tracking apps heart

rate monitors and power meters and all

three of these vary quite a great deal

in their accuracy if we take our

habitual 2000 calories Sunday ride

example from earlier how would that look

depending on which method we use to

measure the calorie burn well firstly

let’s look at apps so if you use a

fitness tracking app such as her moods

but you don’t pair it with any

additional sensors this is the least

accurate way to measure your calorie

expenditure so apps like this they use a

number of metrics so they look at the

type of activity how far you went how

fast you went and the elevation to

estimate the calorie burn that the

estimation can be accurate typically

around 20 to 60 percent meaning that you

could end up with an overeating of

anywhere between eight hundred and three

thousand two hundred calories for our

two thousand calorie ride example which

isn’t especially accurate if you use a

heart rate strap to measure your

calories well that’s more accurate

typically plus or minus ten

to 20% and it will be more accurate if

your chosen app that you pair it with

factors in some other information such

as height weight age and gender so using

a heart rate strap we could expect that

our 2,000 calorie ride could be anywhere

between 1600 and 2400 however by far the

most accurate way measuring your calorie

burn is with a power meter which are

typically five percent accurate now this

is because they literally measure the

energy produced by you to turn the

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cranks of the bike and they even take

into account the inefficiency of humans

at converting fuel into movement and

they display your calorie reading or

well your power output through a head

unit how you measure isn’t the only

potential source of inaccuracy so if we

look at food labels they’re only

required to be 20 percent accurate

meaning this further scope therefore

miscalculation – and this means that

it’s possible to massively under and

overestimate your caloric needs and

under estimating them can be really bad

– as it creates a big deficit

restricting food in particular

carbohydrates too severely can cause you

to dip into a state of relative energy

deficiency all red s and this is linked

to suppression of the immune system

hampered performance lower bone density

and disrupted periods in women it can

also result in your body going into a

starvation State and holding on to its

fat reserves and sacrificing lean tissue

which well definitely isn’t what you

want if you’re a cyclist or anyone this

doesn’t mean that tracking calories is a

waste of time just be aware of its

limitations and perhaps use some trial

and error to work out what works best

for you

we’ll assume that your scales are

consistent but what we mean by this is

that your weight can fluctuate

significantly from day to day depending

on what you consumed the day before and

also the time of day that you weigh

yourself and this is mainly down to

water attention and there are several

things that can affect that the first

one is salt intake so if you consumed a

lot of salt the day before it’s

perfectly conceivable the next day you

could weigh a kilogram or more heavier

and this is just down to increased water

retention and this isn’t just adding

extra salt on top of your food many

processed foods are also very high in

salt so something to be aware of

similarly high fiber foods result in

lots of residue in the gut and colon and

this also means extra water retention

but you shouldn’t cut them out because

fermentable foods and high-fiber foods

are essential for good gut health which

is essential for good all-round health

what we sometimes see though with pro

riders is that they will reduce the

amount of high residue high-fiber foods

before a key event or race in order to

lower a bit of temporary weight now this

is something called a low residue diet

but it’s not something that you do all

the time another thing to be aware of is

carbohydrate now carbohydrates are

converted in your body into glycogen and

for every 1 gram of glycogen stored in

your muscles and cells it combines with

at least 3 grams of water meaning that

if you carbo load before an important

event something you absolutely should do

then it means that you can weigh

significantly more after you’ve carbo

loaded again down to water attention now

conversely this can also mean that with

low carb diets they can misleadingly

give overnight weight loss success for

the same reason the key thing to be

aware of here is that water retention

and increased residue in the gut is

temporary so if you weigh yourself every

day then don’t be too

worried about the daily fluctuations on

the scales what you should be more

concerned about and pay more attention

to is the longer-term trend that you

observe on the scales and if you are

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going to weigh yourself daily and we’d

suggest being consistent with it so do

it at the same time every day post proof

for me another thing to be aware of is

that if you’ve gone from being

relatively inactive to exercising Lots

then you’re probably burning fat but

you’re also probably putting on some

muscle – and remember that muscle weighs

more than fat so it can appear that the

scales are budging even though you’re

getting leaner

there are a number of apps and fitness

trackers available now which help you

plot your weight-loss goals over time

and they’re particularly useful in

measuring your progress and also

teaching you which foods are the most

calorie dense and therefore eaten less


basically cookies in terms of what to


make sure your fuel for the session and

don’t fall into the trap of not eating

it’s far more effective to train when

you’ve properly fueled and you’ve got

plenty of nutrition in you rather than

trying to complete a difficult interval

session with insufficient energy you

won’t get the same results but too much

of a good thing

can unfortunately be a bad thing a

mistake people often make is they switch

to a healthier diet with seeds nuts

avocados olive oil loads of fruit and

vegetables and they don’t lose weight in

some cases they even put on weight and

the reason for this can be that well

although very healthy and rich in

micronutrients these foods still contain

calories and in the case of nuts olive

oil and avocados are very calorie dense

meaning that consume a lot of them and

you won’t be in a deficit we’d suggest

that you pick your battles we all have

our favorite treat foods personally I’m

a bit of a cookie monster whereas Dan

well he enjoys a mineral water or two

now every now and again it’s okay to

reward yourself with those treats in my

very limited experience as a

professional rider for the sabelo test

team if you completely deprive yourself

of the things that you really want that

aren’t that good for you when you do

eventually crack you end up binging

world champion and perennial winner

alejandro valverde

even once told me that he’s a small cup

of ice cream nearly every day because

well this is favorite food general rules

to live by then are eat a balanced diet

avoid junk food eat as much non

processed food as possible eat lots of

variety because lots of different foods

have lots of different micronutrients

which is really good for your health and

your gut health too and also eat plenty

of fresh fruit and vegetables right I

hope you found this video useful and

informative and if you have please give

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