Top 10 New Cyclist Mistakes

Wearing your helmet back to front

You’ve got your new bike, you’ve bought
your new kit, you’ve purchased a helmet.

Please, please, PLEASE, don’t make the mistake
of putting it on back to front, you’ll never

live it down.

Wearing underpants underneath your cycling

However you call them, underwear, pants, briefs,
knickers, they should NEVER be worn underneath

your cycling shorts.

The chamois should be next to your skin.

Using a top tube or frame bag

The less that’s on your bike, the better.

However, if you MUST have a bag to carry spares
on your bike, make it a small saddle bag,

NOT a top tube or frame bag.

Not taking enough food and drink out with

It’s happened to all of us, and it’s the
worst feeling in the world.

Running out of fuel, hitting the wall, bonking,
whatever you want to call it, is something

you don’t want to happen often, so make
sure you take out adequate supplies, or money!

Not being prepared for mechanical failure.

You’re out on a lovely ride, a long way
from home, enjoying the scenery and the sense

of achievement, then all of a sudden, a loud
hissing noise comes from your wheel – it’s

a puncture?

Got a spare inner tube and a pump?

No, got money for a taxi?


Got a phone – yes, lets hope you’ve got
some good friends of family!

Remember, always take out two spare tubes,
a pump, tyre levers, an allen key set and

a chain tool, that should cover most emergencies.

Overeating before a big event

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You’ve done all the training – months of
hard work, organisation and preparation has

done into your big event, the longest you’ve
ever ridden.

Right, better fuel up for it – PASTA!!

And a bit more, AND a bit more, actually probably
better have that 4th plate too, it’s a long

old ride tomorrow.

WRONG – don’t eat too much before your big
event, you’ll feel bloated and could get

the feeling of having blocked legs.

Eat enough, but not too much.

Getting lost

The great thing about cycling is the sense
of exploration, riding somewhere you’ve

never been before, even from your own home.

Don’t make the mistake of getting lost,
though, or underestimating how long a route

is going to take, or you could be riding home
in the dark.

Doing too much, too soon.

Cycling is an easy sport to get obsessed with.

The more you do, the better you get, right?


There comes a point when your body needs rest
to absorb the training you’ve done, if you

don’t take it, or if you ignore the signs
of overtraining and fatigue, then you can

quickly dig yourself a very big hole.

Not drinking enough

No, we don’t mean at the bar, we mean on
the bike.

Long rides result in a lot of fluid loss,
and it can be easy to forget to drink enough,

especially if you’re on a big event.

If it’s hot, by the time you’re really
feeling thirsty, it’s probably too late,

and you’re going to pay for it at the end
of the ride.

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Failing to unclip when you come to a stop.

Shiney new bike, shiney new pedals and shoes,
first time with clipless pedals?

When you come to a stop, DON’T forget to
twist your foot out, otherwise you’ll do

an embarrassing, slow motion fall to the floor.


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